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About Us

Transforming businesses in order to win in Singapore


Market Research Singapore focuses on providing advisory services across Asian markets for large companies and government agencies. We have strong competency across various sectors, including automotive, food & beverage, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and agricultural industries, in the world's most diverse region.

We offer market understanding to clients to help them reach sustained and valuable growth in the market. Strategic recommendations are created according to comprehensive analysis of the Philippine marketplace. Our client repeat rate is above 90%, far higher than the industry average.

Our consultants will analyze various market data from customers, distributors, suppliers, competitors, partners, industry associations, and government officials.

How We Work

Singapore Business

Market intelligence, not market data

We gather facts straight from the marketplace. We go direct to primary sources and get immersed in extensive fieldwork to tap into the expertise of industry insiders, allowing us to provide clients with the intelligence and confidence necessary to capitalize on opportunities in Singapore.

Detailed research, tailored solutions

We approach every project with a fresh mindset and develop an approach tailored to each client's specific needs. We create unique frameworks and develop defined strategies to fit every client's distinct requirements.


Global skills, local expertise

Our team is comprised of in-house consultants and executives with the language fluency, cultural skills, and deep industry knowledge required to provide consistently excellent engagements. We are dedicated to delivering a quality service that allow businesses to thrive in Singapore. Our transparent work approach keep clients secure and confident in our findings.

Our Team

  • Shingo Kasumoto



    Shingo Kasumoto is our Managing Partner based in Singapore, responsible for the company's Southeast Asia operations. He co-founded YCP Holdings in 2011. He has helped many clients through management service in operations, marketing, finance, and strategy solutions. Prior to YCP Solidiance, Kasumoto worked at P&G where he was responsible for their promotion development, marketing strategy, and product development of skin care products. He also worked for a hair care brand as its Asia Brand Manager in Singapore.

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