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Market Sizing and Partner Search for a Cybersecurity Subsidiary in Singapore

02 Mar 2023 | Singapore

Determining the market size and prospects for a Japanese conglomerate's cybersecurity subsidiary in Singapore.

The client is a leading Japanese conglomerate and investment company with a subsidiary in cybersecurity, eyeing expansion in Singapore.


Exploring opportunities for expansion in Singapore for a Japanese conglomerate's cybersecurity subsidiary



Our client wanted to determine the size and prospects of the cybersecurity market in Singapore and required a long list of potential partners.


Our team supported the client's plans for expansion in Singapore by helping them decide whether to work with cybersecurity product vendors or form a capital tie-up with cybersecurity services vendors.


YCP Solidiance developed historical and future forecasts Singapore's cybersecurity market, focusing on both services and products. The project team created a long list of partners based on selection criteria discussed together with the client. Based on the research and the long list, we conducted interviews with the potential partners to understand their company and business model and assess their suitability for a potential partnership with the client.

Engagement ROI

Based on the market prospects, interviews conducted, and the long list, the client decided to make a minor investment into one of the potential partners we identified.

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